Friday 3rd March 2017 – An exciting opportunity

Do you ever wish you were the first to find out about the good things your dog might like and which could keep them safe? Well today we are hoping that we can help you with that. Today we’re going to tell you all about Gosi a new gps tracker for your dog. We started by getting Wilma to interview them and this is what they said:

Wilma: What is special about your GPS tracker?
Gosi: Where to start! No monthly fees, a 40 day battery, health tracking, a great app for your phone.

Wilma: We haven’t come across health tracking before in a dog gps, that sounds pretty exciting. Do you have any dogs of your own and have they been part of the development process?
Gosi: Yes I do, actually it was when I lost Martín that the process began for what today has become Gosi. Our mission is to reduce the number of dogs who go missing year on year. We think that ensuring the health and safety of our furry companions is fundamental to enjoying time together, so Gosi isn’t just a tool that avoids the trauma of pet loss, it is designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for pet and human alike!

Wilma: Does it come in different sizes for different size dogs?
Gosi: Gosi comes in one size

Wilma: Do you need a special collar or will it fit on the one I wear now?
Gosi: Gosi attaches to the collar through it’s silicon case, in other words it will attach to any collar.

Wilma: What is a Kickstarter project?
Gosi: Kickstarter is a way for people to come together around things they care about. Through crowdfunding we hope to secure enough orders to take this product to mass production. We want to thank those that support us by offering a special price and exclusive rewards.

Wilma: What do people get if they sign up now and what do they have to do?
Gosi: To find out more about our product and our story, and to support us please visit

Wilma: When will the actual tracker be available?
Gosi: The tracker will be sent to our backers by July 2017 latest. We will move into production in April and work as quickly as possible. We ship all over the world.

Wilma: How much will they cost and what will they cost to run?
Gosi: In the future this product will have a £199 R.R.P, on Kickstarter we are offering the product at £89 to our earliest backers and £119 thereafter. There is no monthly cost.

Wilma: Where can people sign up?
Gosi: The Kickstarter offer is HERE The company website is


-GPS Tracking “Gosi combines GPS (accurate to 3m) with Bluetooth 4.0 to provide a smart tracking service that works through safe zones. The moment your pet leaves a safe zone we’ll send you a push notification and real-time updates showing their location. Bluetooth gives you the ability to have a safe zone centred on your phone with a chosen radius, perfect for taking your dog out on a walk.” 

-Health Monitor “Our veterinary recommendations will be based on your pet’s age, breed and weight. You’ll also be able to view all the data through an in-app dashboard. This activity tracking allows you to store details of your favourite walks & adventures.”

 -Ultrasound Technology “Gosi has an inbuilt ultrasound whistle that sounds at 40kHz, accessible in-app and through your shortcuts. Ultrasound is a natural way to interrupt your pet’s attention, making it a fantastic, non-invasive tool for helping build new habits or for altering bad ones” 

-Quality Design “No wires, no monthly fees, easily attachable to your pet’s collar, shock resistant, waterproof and with a long-lasting battery- this is a product designed for real people, real problems and most importantly, real life!” 

-Intuitive App “Once you have activated your Gosi and created your pet’s profile, the Gosi app will become your (second) best friend. Easily track your pet’s location, receive regular health recommendations based on your pet’s activity, help your pet acquire new habits with the ultrasound technology. All from your pocket.” 

Well it’s fair to say I want one!


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