Sunday 5th March 2017 – The excitement is building

The girls are in full Crufts preparation mode. It’s fair to say that much as all three of them are used to being at the NEC for Discover Dogs and for that matter reporting on events, none of them have a clue what they are doing over being in the show. Their tickets have finally arrived after being lost twice, which has come as a relief to all of them. Now the discussions are around when they should have a bath in preparation, and that’s just our Mistress! Wilma is concerned that if she has a bath before setting off for the NEC with our Mistress for the start of proceedings, she may not be looking her best by the Sunday of the show. Shadow is simply arguing that she doesn’t see why she needs to have a bath at all. At least they have not got as far as thinking of having their nails done, which really would have been too much. It all makes me grateful that I haven’t found myself in the show world and I can’t help feeling sorry for my half-brother Basil who has done lots of this sort of thing and really led the way for our breed in this country. Basil is probably counting the days down to Sunday as he is hoping to retire from the show ring after this. He’s preparing for the arrival of his own new puppy in a few months as one of Wilma’s nieces will be moving to live with him. I hope she knows what she’s letting herself in for. He really knew how to cause trouble as a puppy and I’m just dreading what he might have in store for her to learn. He was the one rearranging the pen here when they were only four weeks old, although he had his cute moments too. It was his sister Tess that was my best friend in the litter. Anyway, I’m going in the room to get away from the discussions of washing and brushing.

Have a happy Sunday


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