Monday 6th March 2017 – Full of bounce

Oh it’s going to be such an exciting week. I’m so full of bounce I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Mum has said I should be spending all my free time adding more hotels to my site, but I think building it up at one a day is enough. There are ten reviews so far and I shall do one more in a moment. I really need Mum to help me getting my friends to take part, but she has some ideas of how to do that once I’ve got a few more on. Mum says I’ve got to be a really good girl for the next couple of days so she can get everything done before we go away together. It’s hard, I’m so excited about a few days of mum / daughter time before I even get as far as thinking about all the things I’m going to be doing. I love meeting new people and by the time the week is out I shall have met simply hundreds of new people. I know we’ll both be tired, but it will have been great to show people what our lovely breed is like. Best of all I get Mum’s undivided attention which is all I could ever hope for. I will miss Dad and the others of course, but I do like our girlie time.

Alfie is still feeling a little off colour and, if we’re being strictly honest, a bit spaced out by some of his medication. Mum is hoping that he’s feeling a bit brighter before she goes away, but as he gets older it gets harder for them to be apart. She already doesn’t like leaving him for as long as she would have done in the past. Shadow has promised to look after him so I’m sure he’ll be ok. She has to take care of the rest of the family too, so she’s going to be pretty busy.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you over the coming days and the good news is that Alfie says I can write the diary for the whole time I’m away, as I shall have so much to tell you about.

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