Thursday 9th March 2017 – She did not expect that!

Oh you have to laugh. They say that walking a dog is the best way to make new friends and it seems they are right. On our way to get to Crufts yesterday Mum and I went out for lunch with a friend she used to work with in Nottingham. We got there in plenty of time so we could find somewhere to park and so that I could go for a walk along the canal. We had to go right to the top of the car park to find a space but there was plenty to sniff as we walked down the stairs, so I was happy. It was so very busy. Thankfully things like that don’t worry me and I’ve been to other cities so I didn’t mind too much. It was nice by the canal. I had a lovely walk and Mum showed me where she used to work. Then we went and waited for her friend to meet us outside the pub we were going to. Anyway, there was this nice man who wanted to stroke me, so I asked if we could go over to say hello. He was very nice. Then all of a sudden and to Mum’s embarrassment he actually asked if she’d like to go out with him. It was so funny. She was quite flustered and simply said thank you but no. I said that it was really me that he was asking out and she just laughed and said she couldn’t remember anything like that ever happening to her before, so perhaps it was. I don’t think Dad would have been too happy if she’d said ‘yes’, but of course she didn’t. There is nothing like seizing the moment and it did make her smile.

Then we went to my grandparents and got ourselves all sorted out ready for today. Mum has packed everything we need in her rucksack. I’m not sure if we’re taking mine today or not. I don’t want her to forget my treats or water, but I think she has said we can get most of that there so it seems a shame to carry too much. I have to be good this morning as she is hoping to attend the opening press conference and I get to go too.

If you haven’t signed up for the Gosi tracker that I told you about there is still time. They are a week into their Kickstarter project now and nearly half way to generating the funding they need for launch already. You can find out more HERE

Well the next time you hear from me I shall be reporting on Crufts, so see you tomorrow and wish me luck.


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  1. Looking forward to your news. I am having the dreaded bath today! I am sad because I cannot go to the woods after that. Mum says it is too muddy. Yesterday she got stuck in the mud – she did look funny. She wobbled and nearly toppled over. Her boots and trousers were plastered and my lead was brown instead of blue. I went the other way – so handy having four legs and the ability to climb, hurrah for Entlebuchers. Love Dickens XXXX

    • I think I’d have liked that mud. Oh well, we only need to keep clean until Sunday. Can’t wait to see you.

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