Friday 10th March 2017 – Woohoo this is fun

Me trying out the cushion

Most of yesterday was simply the best. It didn’t get off to a great start when Mum got stuck in traffic so it took us ages to get there. If you are visiting Crufts do give yourself plenty of time, particularly if going in rush hour! Anyway, she has said we can go a little later today to miss the worst of the traffic and because I was worn out by the end of the day. When we got there we didn’t have the right pass for me to go into the Press Office through the front doors, so where we thought we might catch the end of the opening press conference we had to wait by the door until the security man sorted it out and got me a pass. We went to register and Mum had a coffee before we made a start. Today was the terriers and hounds groups for showing. They were everywhere. There were whole families of small terriers scurrying past and at times making quite a lot of noise, though if I am being honest I made more than my share of noise at times too. I love the big hounds best and tried to make the acquaintance of a wonderful Irish Wolfhound who looked down on me from a great height.

We went right round the stands in two of the halls with Mum talking to some of the people. You wouldn’t believe the things you can buy. I kept asking for bags of treats and she kept saying ‘no’ and looking at things like puzzles and telescopic ramps and clothes. So I kept asking for treats and she kept saying ‘no’. It’s amazing how many times she can say ‘no’! She did buy me an ice-cream so I can’t complain too much.

She went to look at one of the rings being used by the Young Kennel Club. She was really impressed watching children handling their dogs, looking more proficient than she ever manages with us in the ring. She wonders if she’d have done better if she’d started at a younger age.

We went for a coffee with Mum’s friend, who I met last year too. We sat outside in the sunshine and it was lovely. Then we went to be on the Discover Dogs stand. I had a lovely play with my half-brother Salvo and met Rigi which was fun. I shall see them both again in just over a week, which will be great. Oh and Basil was there too and he’s fun, but I shall see him again today. I met so many people including Hazel who came over especially to meet me, which I was rather thrilled about. It was amazing walking round because we kept meeting people who knew my friends. There was a Bernese Mountain Dog who knows Shadow’s daughter Della and the neighbour of my friend Koppa. There might be lots and lots of dogs in the country but it’s amazing what a small world it really is and it’s just great to catch up with so many friends at Crufts. I am really excited about going again today.

See you all soon



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  1. Sounds woderful Wilma. So glad you are enjoying yourself. Sammi says keep asking to buy treats you will get some in the end. xx

    • I can be very persistent! I’m definitely on for an antler to chew it’s just a question of what else I can get.

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