Saturday 11th March 2017 – My highlights from yesterday

Yesterday didn’t involve loads of traffic. What it did involve was going and meeting lots of dogs that I like the company of. I got really excited when I saw the Airedale stand and ran up to see if any of them knew my friend Jas. Then I went and spent some time with the Bernese Mountain Dogs and would have happily stayed to play all day. I quite liked some of the Great Swiss Mountain Dogs too and this picture is me saying hello to my big cousins.

We went to see the ring for the Good Citizen Scheme too. This is a training scheme run by the Kennel Club which teaches basic obedience to help a dog and owner be a responsible member of the community. There are puppy classes and then the awards go from Bronze for the basic course up to Gold for the most advanced level. I can completely recommend them and have done my puppy and bronze so far. I’m hoping Mum is going to take me for my silver as well as I do enjoy them. The ones we saw in the ring were better at what they were than Mum, who can be a bit clumsy at the best of times.

I spent the afternoon on our Entlebucher breed stand again, meeting lots of members of the public and letting them fall in love with me. One lady who was really interested turned out to live in a neighbouring village to us so we are hoping to meet her again. Mum got me an ice cream mid afternoon as a special treat for how hard I was working. I had one yesterday too, so I’m really hoping there is a pattern developing here. Then at the end of the day Robyn helped me have a little practice ready for being in the ring on Sunday. She is going to take me in the ring and I’ve got to promise to do my best. The biggest problem was when she wanted me to run nicely, but I could see Mum at the side and just wanted to run to her. Another nice lady pretended to be a judge to give me some practice of them putting their hands all over me. I was cool with that side of things, but the running and not going to Mum is hard.

We stayed in a hotel last night so we wouldn’t spend ages in Friday traffic. Obviously I shall be adding that one to my travel recommendations soon too. Now I’m off for another morning on the stand and then an afternoon off I think. I do hope if I’m only working half  day that I can still have an ice cream.

Lots of love


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  1. Glad you’re having a such a great time, Wilma. We’reflected eally looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

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