Monday 13th March 2017 – What a day!

Wilma on her birthday

Oh yesterday was one of those days that I just don’t know where to start. Mum wore light trousers as in the ring we show up better against them. She knew that Basil’s mum was going to take us round but it was possible she would have to do some soon. Now there is a downside to light trousers… on a muddy day… when a big hair dog shakes itself just in front of you… before you even get into the NEC. I thought it was funny, but apparently my amusement was inappropriate. Anyway, we went and took a selfie at the Eukanuba stand in an attempt to win a prize and then headed for the Discover Dogs stand. I was the only one on for the first two hours and was as quiet as a mouse. Lots of little girls wearing pink seemed to think I was very cute, so I had a lovely time. Dickens came to join me after a couple of hours and Shadow arrived at

Me and Shadow on the stand

about the same time. You can imagine the noise. Not only had Shadow and I got a lot to catch up on not having seen each other since Wednesday but Shadow wanted to check how he son Dickens was and gave him a bit of a lecture too. We had elevenses ice creams and each had a walk before then leaving the stand at 12.30 so that others could take over. We then went to start getting ready for the showing part.

It was great to see some of my friends and for a while I was getting a bit over excited so Mum sat with me and made me have a rest, which definitely helped. Eiger and I kept whispering to each other, which was fun too.

Our classes were small as there were so few of us, but it’s still nice when you win them. We didn’t agree with the order the judge thought in every class, but it wasn’t our choice. I told Mum she ought to be judging rather than showing, but she did not

Doing my best

seem keen. Anyway, Shadow won her class and I came second in one of mine and got first in the other. I got a surprise at the end as although I had only come second the one who beat me was then the Best Bitch so I was eligible for the overall Reserve Best Bitch which they gave me. I felt mean beating Shadow and really thought she deserved it more than I did as she had worked so hard to get into shape for this event. I’ve told her I will share it

Shadow strutting her stuff

with her. Overall we came home with five rosettes and have no idea where to put them. I think it means we both qualify for next year, but I’m not sure that Shadow is going to want to do it when she’s nine! I might. We’ll have to see.

It was nice to get home, but I had a lovely time. I really enjoyed meeting Leo, from Germany. He’s so handsome and Mum says that maybe we can meet up with him again sometime. I can’t wait.

Lots of love


Our rosettes

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  1. Congratulation. FIVE rosettes is a great result, well done to both of you.

    We didn’t agree with all the show results either!

    Ann and Baxter (Gordon Setter and a proper looking Gundog) 🙂

  2. We are delighted to hear that you both did so well at Crufts, winning all those rosettes!!! You must be extremely proud, congratulations to all of you. We look forward to hearing more about it at our next play date with Wilma. ?

    • Thank you. Oh Bernie, you should have a go too. It was great fun. I had a lovely time.
      See you soon

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