Saturday 18th March 2017 – A difficult day

Me smiling as I ran

Happy Saturday everyone. It’s Aristotle here. It’s been a while. How’ve you been? I’m fine, thank you, although I’m twiddling my paws in the kennels for a couple of days. It’s been a complicated week. We came in when our Mistress had to go to London for the day and because Alfie and I don’t cope so well with Fun Day, which is tomorrow, rather than go home with the girls we stayed here. Our Mistress thought it would be less stressful for us than to keep going back and forth between home and here. I don’t mind as I quite like it here, but there was one small problem with the plan. When Alfie heard our Mistress come to get the girls he thought he was going home. When the girls went out and we didn’t he started barking and then crying. I tried to get him to shut up and said it would only upset everyone else as well as him, but he was inconsolable. I did try comforting him, but I think he just wants to go home now. He’s going to need an awfully big cuddle when he gets there.

While I’ve had some thinking time, I think I’ve worked out why President Trump in America doesn’t have a dog. Leaving aside the fact I can’t imagine any self-respecting dog wanting to live with him, although it would probably do him good, I think it’s because he’d be too worried what the dog was reporting back to the secret services about him. It must be a very upsetting to have to wonder if your dog is spying on you. Ok, so in this household it happens all the time. And fair enough we blog about our humans and use Twitter, but thankfully, despite everything we say, they are not yet paranoid. Most of the time our master doesn’t even look at what we write and he has no idea how Twitter works, so we’re pretty safe. But if there were a dog in the White House, can you imagine the perceived threat it might pose? I might have to write to Sunny and Bo, the Obama’s Portuguese Water Dogs to see if there is anything interesting they’d like to pass on.



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  1. Sammi and I are fine thanks Ari. Good to hear from you again. Sending Alfie lots of cuddles and you too. Hope you are both home soon. xx.

    • That’s good to hear. We’ll be home again first thing Monday. I do keep telling Alfie that, he won’t believe me until he’s there.

  2. Hello Ari, nice to hear from you. Sorry that Alfie is a little upset but I am sure he will be pleased to have you there with him. I have been for a long walk a round the village this morning. Good news, well may be. I think I might be going to the AGM and Fun Day. Our friend has said she will look after the beagles so as long as they are both OK in the morning. Mum and I can come with Dad. We may not be able to stay very long but it will be nice to see everyone. Sorry I will miss you this time. Love Dickens XXX

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