Sunday 19th March 2017 – Shadow’s first swim

Yesterday I went to watch while Shadow had her first swim. Mum weighed her and it seems bringing her diet to an end may have been a bit premature. She has already started to put the weight back on so her food is being permanently reduced, although not by as much as it was while she was really dieting. Anyway, she was very happy to go to the swimming pool right up to the point she realised that this time she was swimming rather than Ari or Alfie. I was going to say you should have seen the look on her face, but actually you can as Mum managed to capture it on her phone. It was funny, when she was swimming towards Mum she was all over the place and her tail was really thrashing about. When it came to swimming back towards the other end she was much more stable and after a while was doing really well. The lady who goes in the pool with her was very impressed by the progress she made and Mum said she could really see where Ari got his swimming ability from. Shadow was a bit out of puff and she said it made her realise she was not quite as fit as she’d thought. She’s up for going again and said she might quite like it after a while. That’s good news as Mum booked her in again in three weeks’ time.

Today we’re off to Fun Day but we’re going to be a right pair. Well, to be fair all three of us make quite a set. I have pulled a muscle in my leg so won’t be running around. Shadow says she’s a bit stiff from yesterday and doesn’t want to overdo it and Mum has a chest infection so really would quite like to stay in bed. She’s organising things but would rather not have to do too much shouting. It could be a very quiet journey home later!

Happy Sunday


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