Monday 20th March 2017 – Too many boys too little time

Oh yesterday at Fun Day was lovely. I just love seeing my boyfriends. Of course Salvo isn’t really a boyfriend he’s more of a brother, but it was still great to see him. It was lovely to see Koppa and Dickens and Eiger and Basil. I made some new friends too. Ron is only a young puppy but he has potential as does Rigi who’s a bit older. There were girls there too, but I don’t find them quite so much fun. Shadow was barking at absolutely everyone absolutely all the time, which proved a little tiresome. Della was there, one of Shadow’s puppies from her last litter. She looks more like her father than her mother and is very handsome. She’s quite tall and has a lovely tan to her fur. She is going to do her breeding tests which is great news.

I think there were thirteen of us there altogether and I have to say we made a lot of noise. Mum was struggling making herself heard half the time and she has a very loud voice when she needs to have. I didn’t win any of the games, but Shadow won one. She was really funny. You could tell she’s on a diet as when it came to biscuit catch and the biscuit race she wasn’t going to miss any if she could help it. I think it was the biscuit race that she won. Having to stay on lead was a bit frustrating but I suppose it’s better than hurting my leg any more. I’ve had to defer the playdate I’d got planned with Bernie this week as it is, so I want it to get better quickly. If things go to plan I shall be having a playdate with Ari’s brother Amigo soon too, which I’m really looking forward to. As I said, too many boys and too little time!

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