Tuesday 21st March 2017 – The best half of the year

Now I’m sorry if you live in the Southern Hemisphere or if you are one of those strange creatures who prefers winter, but I for one am waving a little flag to celebrate the passing of the Equinox. Oh the joy of longer days and sunshine on my fur. The pleasure of more time in the garden. The satisfaction of being able to smell the flowers and eat the new mown grass. I may be an old dog, but even I perk up when spring is in the air. It’s a lovely time to watch Shadow skipping like a spring lamb, until she remembers her arthritic hip. To see her chasing butterflies and specks of dust. Of course, I’ll be happier still when the wind dies down but then I may just be getting a bit greedy. I’ve reached an age where I think to myself that I won’t have many more summers to enjoy so I want to make the most of this one.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but if our Mistress could give the summerhouse a good spring clean and make it so she can work down there, then it’s easier for us to be outdoors. I know she’ll do it if I ask nicely. I just need to think about how to sell the idea to her. I guess it will be easier if Wilma has got passed her desire to dig up the garden as last year that was a serious limiting factor. That and her chasing the bees, which really wasn’t good for her.

Anyway, I can work on my plan and maybe remind her that was why she put the summerhouse in in the first place rather than so it could be extra storage space. Perhaps if I opened my own eBay account to start selling all the junk she keeps it might be a good start.

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