Thursday 23rd March 2017 – A good job I can swim

Given the amount of rain we seem to be having it’s a good job I can swim. The ground has gone from reasonably dry to waterlogged completely missing out the slightly damp phase. At least the forecast seems to be a bit better for the next few days. You would think that it might be good news for some of the chores in the garden that need doing. The barrels that form a waterfall need filling. There’s just one very small problem. The middle barrel is not a happy barrel and it has lost one of its metal bands that hold it all together. There are now gaps between the pieces of wood and I don’t think it matters how many times our Mistress tries it is not going to hold water. It was fun watching her try to fill it and then turning around five minutes later to find it had empties itself again. Poor thing, she started from the naïve assumption that once she filled it the wood would soak in some of the water and expand, so filling the gaps. I suggested she might want to get the tube of sealant out as one way of solving the problem, but realistically unless it has another band around it to hold it together, even that stands very little real chance of success.

Now she has a bigger scheme. There is a barrel of a similar size in which a blueberry bush is growing. That barrel is in better shape, give or take a large shrub. Now all she has to do is move the blueberry bush to the other barrel without killing it, remove the soil and clean it out, and to swap the barrels over. They are not small barrels. It is not a small blueberry bush! What could possibly go wrong?

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