Friday 24th March 2017 – Planting for dogs

Now that I’m back to pretending it might be almost spring our Mistress and I have gone out in the back garden to discuss what flowers I might like this year. Obviously anything which would be poisonous to us is out, as is anything that she is allergic too. Thankfully, that still left a lovely long list of possibilities. We then started to rule out the ones that Shadow would eat (primroses) the ones I would eat (sunflowers) the ones which would increase the risk of Wilma being stung by bees (most of them) the ones with potentially illegal uses… and so the list began to reduce. On the good news side it looks as though there is room for marigolds as long as Wilma doesn’t chase the bees, and some antirrhinum which our Mistress sais remind her of childhood. To be fair, she wants to do all she can to encourage the bees so it looks as though she’s going to need to focus on Wilma’s training. She might move the hedgehog house to the back garden too, but then we’ve all got to promise to leave it alone.

Then we got onto a discussion of the use of fertilizers and compost from the garden. It wasn’t the discussion you might expect. It was mainly along the lines of ‘Alfie, please don’t try to eat it all this year.’ I had to concede she might just have a point. We settled on if she could make sure the compost from the green bins wasn’t at surface level then I’d promise not to dig for it. I couldn’t answer for the others. Because I don’t like going for walks these days she says I’m the most important to consider when it comes to the garden as she’s hoping to spend more time working out there this year with me being able to enjoy the fresh air.

Just a few sunflower seeds to munch on would be nice! I’ll give it another go.

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