Wednesday 29th March 2017 – More of my nieces

Alfie worked too hard swimming yesterday so is having a rest, which is great because it means I can tell you about more of my nieces who are coming to England. Eroica that I was telling you about the other day is a daughter from my sister Valeria. The puppies in this photo are the daughters of my sister Tosca. They look amazing and it really makes me wish I could have puppies of my own when I get older. Anyway, hiding amongst all of these are Honey and Izzy both of whom are coming to live in England. I don’t know that I’ll get to see much of Honey as she will be living on the Isle of Man, and that makes the travelling harder for her. However, I will definitely be seeing lots of Izzy, she’s the second one in from the left on the picture. She’s going to be living with my half-brother and nephew Salvo. He’s the one I spent a few weeks growing up with when I was


little, so we’re best of friends and I just know he’ll want me to get to play with his new puppy Izzy too. It is a long time in the future but if everything goes to plan then Izzy will have puppies of her own one day, which will be fabulous.

They will both move to England before my visit so I will have to be patient and wait to see them here. I don’t think I’ll have to wait very long. If they don’t come to our fun day in June then I will see if we can see them in the summer or when we have our fun day in September nearer to where they live.

Maybe we could all play chase together. I’m quite good at that. Mum has been trying to teach me to play ball but I just don’t see the point. Once I’ve got the ball the only thing I can see worth doing is running off with it in the hope she’ll come after me. She says I’m a bit of a lost cause, but I can’t understand why.

Have a lovely day


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  1. Hello Wilma

    It’s great to hear that all of you are well and looking forward to the arrival of new companions from Switzerland.

    You remember Valeria had eight puppies, don’t you? 4 ? and 4 ?. For all the girls and two boys Gina and Eric have found people they trust to give them all they’ll ever need.

    On the other paw: Edison and Elliot are not spoken for yet. There are so many boys available right now – and nobody wants anything but girls…

    So why don’t you ask around among your numerous friends whether they’d know any nice people who’d like to have an original male Swiss Entlebucher?

    G. & E. can provide pictures galore of Elliot & Edison. They’re both PRA-B (E. & E., not G. & E.).

    Please spread the word.



    • I’ve set Wilma on the task. Of course it would depend on them being able to be looked after until they come, but she is checking if there are more people waiting first. She thinks it’s a great idea.

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