Thursday 30th March 2017 – The genetics of coat markings

This is really an excuse to show you another lovely puppy picture.

Obviously humans have genes which affect their hair colour, but the don’t usually end up with the interesting markings that we do. I want you to look closely at this lovely photo of puppies. Now I realise that’s not particular hardship for most of you. Now tell me which is the Entlebucher!

If you give any answer other than none of them then you’d be wrong. These puppies all have the same parents. Their dad is a Border Collie and their mum is a black and tan Kelpie. They even live on a continent where I don’t think there are any Entlebuchers yet. However, they have produced a lovely puppy who could pass as one of us on markings. They have also produced lots of other patterns of lovely puppies and we’re just lucky they are so far away as my Master would otherwise want the one who has been called Panda.

I guess many years ago, like humans, we were all closely related and share much of the same DNA. It is always interesting to see how that can come out apparently at random.

Anyway, back to my original point. Isn’t it amazing how nature can come up with all our lovely patterns. It’s all do with our genes and which ones dominate. I’d like to wish these wonderful little puppies every happiness in their future homes. Like us they are working dogs, but unlike us they are likely to get to do a hard day’s work and it’s great that they are ready to take on these important challenges.

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