Friday 31st March 2017 – An afternoon in the garden

Be careful what you wish for. Yesterday afternoon our Mistress worked from the summerhouse for the afternoon for the first time since we cleaned it. It was what I’d asked for, but as it turned out I found it all a bit confusing. Maybe I’ll get used to it, but I spent most of the time just standing in the middle of the lawn. I didn’t lie down once as I just couldn’t relax. I’m going to have to spend most of today catching up on my sleep. On the other paw, Shadow said she had a great afternoon. She was quite happy whether sitting in the summerhouse with our Mistress or chasing around the garden after anything and everything. We barked at nothing in particular every once in a while and that felt quite companionable, but I did feel a bit jumpy about everything. Wilma wasn’t allowed outside with me as she was trying to dig up the new roses. I think it was the bone meal they’d been planted in she really wanted, but either way our Mistress said that digging up plants that had only gone in that morning was not ok. I can see her point, but we’ve discussed this before and she ought to know by now that planting things in our back garden, even things with thorns on, is just asking for trouble!

I did dig up some bits of grass, but otherwise I didn’t damage anything very much. It was still nice getting some fresh air, but it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. I do feel safe when I’m in the kitchen. As it was I just wandered round looking for problems, both real and imagined. Our Mistress was not pleased to be told the guttering is blocked or that the new conifer doesn’t taste very nice.

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