Sunday 2nd April 2017 – Playmates everywhere

I’m having a good weekend. It’s our human cousin’s wedding this weekend so our Master and Mistress have gone, but as it’s no children we’re all in kennels. We love the kennels we come to. It’s really near home and even Alfie is happy here. He shares a kennel with Wilma and she does her best to look after him. I have to share with Shadow so she can stop me from doing anything I shouldn’t, mainly playing tug with our beds! Anyway, the great thing is we get lots of time to play. Wilma just loves the chance to see other dogs. My half-brother stays here sometimes and I always hope I might get to see him. I know I’m supposed to be careful because of my legs, but I work on the basis there’s always time to rest and take pain killers when I go home later today. In the meantime a dog has to have fun. It’s quite an exercise bringing us all here. I know our Mistress’s car is totally geared towards us all, but once Wilma and I are in the crates it means Shadow and Alfie have to share the back seat. Alfie is fine. He just gets in meekly and lies down. Shadow is a drama queen. Firstly she needs help to get up to the back seat and claims her back legs are not as springy as they used to be. Then she turned round and sat down on Alfie’s nose. He was not a happy dog. Once our beds are all in and our food there’s only just about enough room for our Mistress. It’s a good job it’s so nearby. Our Mistress hates leaving us. The rest of us could take personally that she hates leaving Wilma most of all. Wilma on the other paw was so excited to be here that she ran straight through without saying goodbye to our Mistress and didn’t even look back over her shoulder. Our Mistress looked quite sad. I know Wilma will make up to her later.

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