Monday 3rd April 2017 – Out in the sunshine

I love the sunny weather when we can be outside. Once we were all home again yesterday Mum sat in the summerhouse so we could be outside playing. Alfie was a bit distressed when he came home, so it was partly for his benefit. She thinks he’s lost some more weight so will weigh him when he goes swimming tomorrow and in the meantime is giving him extra biscuits. I promised that I hadn’t eaten his food while we were in kennels. I’m not saying I didn’t want to, but I was good, really I was. We were all really pleased to see mum and she’s got the bruises to prove it. Even Shadow gave her an overwhelming welcome home.

They did have a lovely time at the wedding, even if we couldn’t go. Mum said she kept thinking how much I would have enjoyed it, but that’s no real consolation. The good news is that as far as she can think I will go everywhere with her now until at least August.

Yesterday there was a village spring clean and lots of people came out in the village to help. They picked up all the rubbish and removed weeds. The whole village looks really lovely. I’m going to do my bit to help today too. When we go for our walk Mum says I can take a bad to pick up everything I can find too. She’s told me I mustn’t try to eat the things we pick up, but I am allowed to point things out to her so she can put them in the rubbish bag. I’m seeing it as a bit of a game and have said to the others that we should have a competition as to who can find the most things that need picking up. Ari said he’s up for the challenge but Shadow just looked down her nose at me. I think she sees herself as being above that sort of thing.

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