Tuesday 4th April 2017 – Plastic Everywhere

In the end it was Aristotle rather than Wilma who helped our Mistress with litter clearing yesterday. He came back saying two things. Firstly, he could not believe how much plastic there was around the hedges. Although there were still some old carrier bags and bottles, most if it was thicker plastic that must have been on something that was delivered. He said even on his short walk they filled a whole bin bag and there were some bits too big for them to pick up. The other thing they kept finding was party balloons. Either someone has been having a party on the airfield or that’s where they land when they have taken off from somewhere else. Of course, there’s probably nowhere more appropriate for them to land than on a runway, but you would never have credited balloons with being that intelligent. Ari and our Mistress entertained each other by making up stories about what event the balloon had been at when it escaped. As the writing had been washed away on the balloons they were only limited by their imaginations. From experience I can tell you they both have pretty good imaginations!

You have to worry about our Master. He is spending his time in an evening doing homework with Andy. The worrying bit is how excited he is about it all and that he is doing extra work to prepare for their homework sessions. At this rate I think we’re going to have to enter him into the exams as well to see how he gets on. Our Mistress has found some of the revision information set to rap tracks. I don’t think they are quite so much our Master’s thing, but they might work for Andy. Our Mistress only listened to a small part of it and we wish she hadn’t as she keeps repeating something about protons and neutrons to us and I’ve absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. If I’m being strictly honest, I don’t think she has either!

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