Thursday 6th April 2017 – Shadow’s afternoon out

Shadow had an afternoon out with our Mistress yesterday. Some parts went better than others. Near where she was going swimming there is a big garden centre and our Mistress needed to get a large plant pot amongst other things. As dogs can go to the garden centre our Mistress thought it would be a good idea to take Shadow so she could help with the choices. Let’s just say that when someone at the checkout asked our Mistress which breeds Shadow was a cross between she was almost tempted not to admit she was an Entlebucher! Shadow had barked at everyone she met going round the garden centre and done so very loudly indeed. By the time our Mistress had found the things she was looking for she was a little frazzled to put it mildly.

Shadow was much more docile when she arrived at the swimming pool. She did mildly protest having to get in and to begin with was not a happy dog, but it wasn’t as bad as her first time and towards the end she was a little more relaxed. She’s actually a very strong swimmer, but she says she’d rather stay on dry land and does’t every envisage growing to enjoy it.

While they were in the garden centre they bought a clock for the summerhouse. Our Mistress had bought two from the internet, both of which were broken when they arrived. Thankfully the shop let her open it before bringing it home to make sure this one was ok. It’s the same as the two she sent back except this one works! My job today is to put it up on the wall in the summerhouse. Actually, my main job for today is to try to get used to relaxing in the summerhouse while our Mistress works out there. I’m sure I’ll get better at it if we keep trying.

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