Friday 7th April 2017 – Getting the hang of it

I persuaded our Mistress to spend the time in the summerhouse yesterday with only me with her. Without having to worry that Shadow might suddenly come up behind me I was able to relax rather more. I even found myself quite enjoying lying in the doorway to the summerhouse with the sun on me. I think if I could know the others aren’t around I could quite get the hang of this. Wilma was fed up as she’d been hoping to spend the afternoon in the garden digging up all the seeds our Mistress and Aristotle had sown in the morning. Our Mistress gently pointed out that that had been exactly the reason Wilma had not been invited to help in the morning. Wilma had a very good retort to that one. She said if she had been part of the planting process then maybe she would be more protective of the plant pots and not feel the need to investigate. Deep down, I’m not sure that I believe her, but it’s something to think about.

I suspect we’re going to have more seedlings than we have garden for if they all grow. On that basis it might not be too much of a problem if Wilma were to dig a few up. So far there is rosemary, tarragon, chamomile, two types of parsley, sunflowers, cornflowers, antirrhinums, aubrietia, poppies, violas and some others I can’t remember. I tried reminding our Mistress of the last time she got carried away with the seed planting and then had nowhere to put them all when they were seedlings, but she didn’t want to listen. She will realise when we get back to every windowsill and spare surface being filled with plants. Of course, if she doesn’t remember to water them she may not need to worry about that stage.

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