Sunday 9th April 2017 – Lovely sunny Saturday

We could almost have been fooled into thinking it was summer from how the weather was yesterday. It was a lovely day for a walk. Shadow and Wilma had a long walk and visited our Mistress’s favourite tree on route. Wilma was happy as some of our Mistress’s friends were staying so she got extra walks down to the pub as well on top of the fact she really likes them so was pleased they were here. Shadow said she really enjoyed her walk and was surprised at how much better her hip feels for going swimming.

I spent some time helping our Mistress with things in the office and then went for a walk a little later on. She is putting together an Easter Egg hunt for the children of the village for next weekend and needed help to write out the clues and stick them onto pieces of card. I didn’t actually help with the writing but I did get to sniff the pen she was using and that was really more fun. I’m not allowed to go on the hunt itself now because I’ve seen the clues. It took her ages to write them all as there are different hunts for different ages of children with the one for the older ones being much more difficult. I’m guessing if any of us get to go it will be Wilma! She always gets to do things. I suppose she is the only one of us that falls into the right age ranges but that’s not the point. On that basis she shouldn’t have been the one going to the pub, that should have been the rest of us!

I’m not going to complain too much as I did have a lovely day, and I did get lots of extra cuddles and was told how wonderful I am, so I’m not hard done to really. I just like to pretend.

Have a great Sunday, Aristotle

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