Wednesday 12th April 2017 – Still something left for me to teach

Even at my age there are times you feel useful and as though there really is something you can offer. I was swimming yesterday and Shadow came to watch so she could learn more about what she should be doing when she’s in the pool. Who would have thought at having started as water phobic as I did I’d be teaching Shadow how to improve her swimming.

There are some things that we see a little differently to humans. Today my towel for drying off at swimming was much harder than normal. Apparently, that’s because it dried outside in the sunshine rather than in the tumble dryer. Our Mistress says humans prefer it when the towel is soft. I explained that as a dog I quite liked the rougher feel to it and it was more of a stimulating massage through my fur. I hope my towel can be dried outside for a long time as it was really rather nice and I do so enjoy having the hairdryer blowing heat onto my hips. I’d go to swimming just to have that each week without so much as getting a paw wet.

Mind you, if hanging the washing out is anything like yesterday then I probably don’t stand much hope. As it wasn’t all dry Monday our Mistress had left the basket ready to hang out yesterday. She took it out before walking Aristotle. She was half way through hanging it out, talking away to Ari when he pointed out it was actually raining and did she know what she was doing. At that point she looked a bit crest fallen and took it all back off the line again. Instead she took Ari for his walk, only to find she had also forgotten her rain hat. I will never totally understand humans. I think she needs a holiday!

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