Thursday 13th April 2017 – Getting Ready for Easter

Looking back to Alfie in 2019

A dog is not designed to use a glue stick. Mind you, it seems a human isn’t particularly well designed for that purpose either, at least not if our Mistress is anything to go by. There is glue on the desk, on our Mistress’s hands, on her computer keyboard and just about everywhere else. I’m pleased to say that I am not responsible for most of it. She volunteered to arrange the Easter Egg Hunt for the children of the village and for once it turns out she might have bitten off more than she can chew. Oh it will all be finished in time, but she is definitely laughing at herself for her moment of stupidity. She thought it would be a relatively quick task and it probably would have been if she hadn’t tried to overcomplicate things with lots of fun clues they have to follow. I’m not actually allowed to take part, which is perhaps as well as I’ve seen the clues – half of them are stuck to my fur. Now was not the time for her to admit that even in her school days she can remember the mess she would get into sticking different shaped pieces of pasta to a piece of paper to make a pretty picture to take home. By the detail she described an event that happened around 45 years ago I can only think she was left severely traumatised. I’m guessing the glue was never the same again either.

Wilma has a play date with Aristotle’s half brother Bernie today. They didn’t meet up last month as Wilma had hurt her leg, so she is even more excited than normal. Ari wants to go too, but unfortunately with his bad legs he can’t do that. He’s been promised extra cuddles to compensate.

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