Friday 14th April 2017 – A relationship with chews

Our Mistress was observing the differences in our relationships with chews. For me I throw a temper tantrum if I don’t get one after every meal. It’s an addiction and it’s not one I want to break. I’m utterly obsessive and don’t take it well if anything comes between me and my chew. Shadow, has a personal vendetta with her chew. To see her attacking it you would think it had mistreated her and she will stop at nothing to gain her revenge. When Shadow has her chew you don’t see the nurturing side of her responsible for bringing up 22 puppies, you see a primeval warrior who will stop at nothing to be the victor. With Aristotle it is different again. He has a love affair with his chew. He will nuzzle it and lick it and treat it with a respect and tenderness worthy of any lover. With Wilma it is different again. She can leave her chew alone for days. She likes to know it’s there and sometimes even moves it from place to place, but she doesn’t feel the need to actually chew it. What are you like with your chews?

I think humans would be a lot better for having something to chew on from time to time. Can you imagine how much happier they would be? If they felt fractious they could just find a comfy chair and their chew and everyone would be happy again. I really think it’s the way forward. A bone could work equally well and I can highly recommend filled bones with frozen yoghurt and treats inside. Although, I must warn you, it can get into your fur and take ages to get out. Mind you, I suppose that’s not much different from a small child with chocolate or ice cream all round their face.

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