Monday 17th April 2017 – A Lovely Day

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday. I went to help with the village Easter Egg Hunt and had loads of fun meeting old friends and making some new ones. Mum says I’m really growing up. I sat by her feet and didn’t trying pulling away to run to meet any of the other dogs once. I helped putting all the clues out first and then there were children going round the village trying to find all their clues to make a word and find the finish point. There was egg rolling too and Dad was helping with that. I didn’t get to help but I did try helping with the clearing up. You have to roll a hard boiled egg down a sloping road and the ones who rolled their eggs the furthest won a prize. It meant there was quite a bit of hard boiled egg on the road when we walked back, so of course I wanted to help sort it out. Mum wouldn’t let me eat very much and explained that as the shells may have been painted first it wasn’t such a good idea that I ate those.

It did rain quite a bit, which was a shame after all the lovely days we’ve had but there were still quite a lot of people taking part in everything. Now I’m looking forward to helping with the next event but that won’t be for a little while. I’m not sure I will be invited to the Airfield tour and cream teas, but I’m hoping to go to the Strawberries on the Green as I enjoyed that last year.

Mum’s not been well, so was really tired when we got home. She was very grateful that Alfie was having a much better day and was nice and quiet. I think she’s hoping to have a bit of a rest day today and I’ve said that I’ll be happy to snuggle up with her if she’d like me to. I think Ari might like that too.

Have a lovely day


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