Tuesday 18th April 2017 – Time Outdoors

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Our Mistress says we’re going to have lots of time outdoors. She has not been that well recently and wants to get strong and healthy again. She thinks lots of fresh air will do us all good. Unusually for her she is even thinking of allowing herself time to just sit in the sun and fall asleep or read a book. That all sounds pretty good to me. Of course, finding the summer house roof has leaked and the gutter by the water butt is blocked again may mean she doesn’t sit quite as still as you’d imagine, but at least the intention is there. It’s going to be a few days before she’s up to doing a lot of walking so the others will have to be patient, but she is promising that that is part of the plan too. There is also a rumour that’s she’s going to get back to knitting her jumper. She might have it finished by next winter if she gives it a go now. She should probably wait until she’s better though as otherwise she’s likely to make a lot of mistakes!

Yesterday I was helping to sort out some pictures for our Club’s photo competition. It’s always the same. The deadline for entries is the end of this month and only now does she start to think if there are any pictures of us that can be entered. I said I supposed it was going to be like last year with a last minute photo shoot and she looked a little sheepish. That’s probably next weekend accounted for then. I need to decide what position will show me to best effect. At my age it’s a serious consideration!

Right I’m off to try to make myself look my best in case the camera comes out!

Have a woofly day


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