Wednesday 19th April 2017 – Blaming the tools

Given that I have had the good sense to retire for politics, I’ll leave it to the younger ones to discuss the crazy state of our county and I will carry on as thought the world is not falling down around me. I however will instead focus on the charade which was my swimming session yesterday. Ok, I’ll give her her due, our Mistress didn’t feel like leaving the house and only went because it would do me good. However, that is probably not the best time for her to decide to take her good camera with her to try to get an action shot of me for a competition. Then was not the time for her to realise she did not have the least idea how most of the controls worked. That in itself would have been ok if she had left it on the automatic setting. She didn’t! The problem then came when she couldn’t work out what she’d done to be able to undo it. She deleted the worst of the outtakes before I could show you, including the video entirely of water which I didn’t feature in at all. Then there was the video that was completely out of focus. There was a still image of the water as well, so I don’t know what she was doing then. Anyway, there are one of two she could probably use and I’ll have to wait to show you those, but she did say I could use this one.

I have suggested that she now reads the instruction book for the camera so she knows how to use it when she needs it next time. She’s planning to take some photos for a book when she goes to Switzerland and I’m sure none of the readers will want images that are of her shoes or fingers rather than the image she was supposed to be taking. She’s got a few weeks to practice.

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