Monday 24th April 2017 – Introducing travel consultant Cinders

Wilma waiting at the station

Now I know that many of you already know Cinders as she is one of Shadow’s daughters, but I want to introduce her in a whole new capacity. Cinders is one of my roving travel reporters. It’s very exciting having her as part of the team, so here in her own words is an introduction to Cinders:

Cinders: I’m a budding travel writer. I love nothing better than helping my humans pack up the car and go on an adventure. I have been to Bruges, Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire to name but a few and have big plans to visit a lot more places! I only travel in luxury though, I am not one for camping or caravans it always needs to be a good quality hotel with good quality facilities where a dog can put her paws up in style. I always make sure to check out the local ice cream too. When not writing, I can be found in the pool getting a work out or looking after the humans.

As many of you will remember, Cinders was the first one born in her litter at ten minutes to midnight on 27th December 2013, so she’s now three years old. She lives in Hampshire with her humans, but we get to see her quite often as she has human family near us as well as her own mother. I think, from the photo below, she might make quite a good fashion consultant too!

If I’m being honest, I’m somewhat envious of Cinders as she is the only one to have stayed in a 6 bone hotel so far. Mum tried to book us into that one a while ago when we visited Devon, but it was fully booked. I’m hoping she and I can go at some time.

We are going to introduce ‘outline bone ratings’ soon for places we have not yet visited. Their ratings will be based on a questionnaire they complete to tell us about their provisions for dogs. If there is anywhere you would like us to send the questionnaire to, then please let us know as we’re hoping to start sending those soon. It will mean we can cover more hotels than just the ones we visit. If you haven’t looked at where we’ve covered so far recently then you can find the map HERE

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