Friday 28th April 2017 – This is getting interesting

I think I told you about the cherry tree being eaten and it looking like we have a plague of locusts, well obviously it isn’t locusts but it is interesting. A close investigation has suggested it isn’t any sort of insect and it’s still happening. It looks as though there are mouth shaped chunks missing from some leaves and others are scattered at the base of the tree. I’ve turned detective. One branch is broken too and there’s no way that insects would do that. To be frank, if you do know any insects that big I have no wish to meet them. Anyway, we think it’s either some sort of mammal or birds. We’ve tried to find droppings but can only find pigeon droppings and the mouth shaped missing bits don’t make sense for pigeons. Our Mistress thinks it might be some sort of mouse. I’m hoping that’s all it is! To cut a long story short, as it’s happening at night our Mistress is going to be setting up an infrared camera today which will be activated by movement and which will then record what happens. I’m feeling quite excited and can’t wait to be able to watch any footage in the morning.

Even when we find out what is doing it, we have no idea how we can stop them. We’re just hoping that they will stop before the poor tree is completely destroyed. I said we could leave a little sign up, but for reasons I have no idea our Mistress did not think that was a fool proof method of stopping them. Shadow says she is willing to sit at the base of the tree to catch them, but then she realised they were doing it at night and she’d have to give up her nice warm bed, so she changed her mind.

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  1. My money, if I had any, is on a squirrel Alfie! They will strip bark ( if you get me) from trees and just be destructive. I have a family of squirrels in my garden and they are a huge nuisance. I bark (don’t get confused now) at them and chase them but it’s no good. Public enemy No.1 to humans here….good luck.

    • That will be tough if it is as our Mistress is very fond of squirrels. We’re eagerly awaiting the camera delivery so we can set it up.
      Have a good weekend

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