Monday 1st May 2017 – Introducing Salvo

Hello everyone, Wilma here. Today I’m going to give you an update on our travel information for dog friendly hotels. Firstly and most importantly I want to introduce another of our travel writers, Salvo. Salvo is my half-brother and nephew come to that. We grew up together for a few weeks before we both moved to England and love getting together. I’m really glad he wants to be a writer too. Here in his own words is Salvo.

Hello everyone!  I’m Salvo, born on 6 August 2015 in the beautiful Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. I came to live in Bristol with my humans in November 2015, but haven’t forgotten my roots and love travelling back to see my mum. I’ve stayed in lots of hotels and know what I like, so hope I can share some nice places for you to stay.

I also want to tell you where I’m up to on stage two of the project. I’ve designed a questionnaire to send out to hotels we haven’t visited to be able to give them an outline bone rating. Now here is where you come in. Firstly, can you think of any questions that I should be adding to the list below? And secondly are there any hotels you know of that you’d like me to send it out to? You can either drop me an email at or leave a comment below. I’m also designing an award that we can give to the top dog friendly hotels that they can display on their websites. It’s so exciting.

Here are the questions we are going to ask. Don’t forget it’s all about what works for the dog, not about how good the food is for humans – they can find that out elsewhere.

  1. Name and address of Hotel:
  2. Are dogs welcomed or merely tolerated?
  3. Which public areas are dogs allowed in?
  4. Are dogs allowed in the restaurant?
  5. If no to (4) is there somewhere that owners can eat dinner / breakfast with their dog with them?
  6. Are bedrooms big enough to allow floor space for a dog bed without it getting in the way?
  7. Is there adequate space for a water bowl in the bathroom or bedroom on hard flooring to prevent it getting in the way?
  8. Do you charge any additional fee for dogs staying at your hotel?
  9. Do you provide any dog bed / blanket / bowl for the use of the dog during their stay?
  10. Do you have a car park adjacent to the hotel?
  11. Does your car park have dog bins or suitable bins for the disposal of dog waste?
  12. Are there grassy areas proximate to the hotel to enable owners to take their dog out easily day or night?
  13. Are any other provisions made for dogs staying at your hotel? Examples include: bedtime biscuit / ground floor rooms or rooms near to the lift for ease of access / etc
  14. Any other comments you would like to add:

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