Tuesday 2nd May 2017 – Very Proud of Dickens

We’re all very proud of Dickens, Shadow especially. He has passed his Gold Good Citizen Award. That’s really not an easy thing to do, you ask Shadow, although she puts not doing it down to having puppies. Anyway, we all want to send him our warmest congratulations and to tell him how pleased we all are.

Aristotle promised that I would tell you what our attempted solution will be to the pigeon problem. Well, I can’t actually bring you a photograph of it yet, but it’s a Peregrine Falcon. Not a live one you understand, although obviously the idea is that the pigeon doesn’t realise that. We had a bit of a search to find out which birds of prey killed pigeons and it turns out that a Peregrine Falcon is their worst nightmare. The Bald Eagle looked scarier to me, but our Mistress said the chance of our getting one of those in the garden was fairly slim.

I reminded her that the owl for the porch sat on the work top in the kitchen for months before actually being safely fixed into position. She has assured me that she intends to find a way to put the falcon up at the earliest opportunity, but I’m not holding my breath. I suppose he could at the very least stand on the patio until he can be secured. He can just  as well observe the tree from there.

When she was looking to find a solution she did come across a large Panda sculpture that she thought our Master might like. Now all we need to do is grow some bamboo in the garden for him to sit in and no one will realise he’s not real! I quite liked the Peacock, but our Mistress said that they make too much noise. I think she may have lost the plot again.

Have a good day


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