Thursday 4th May 2017 – Enjoying the sunshine

Aristotle had the right idea yesterday. Our Mistress asked if he wanted to go for a walk or do some gardening. He chose the latter, but it didn’t take either of them long to decided that gardening was too much like hard work. Our Mistress got a deckchair out to survey the garden and start to think about the changes required. Aristotle of course wanted to help and he can be very ‘in your face’ at times like that, as you can see from the picture. They did at least come up with some useful suggestions of improvements, although I don’t think they have totally sorted the problem of whether they can find enough flat ground for an arbour.

We may have some good news on Marley, the lovely puppy I told you about yesterday. It is possible that our Mistress will be bringing him back to the UK when she goes at the end of the month so that he can live with a family here. I’ll let you know when we know more.

I went to see our vet yesterday. Thankfully the rather odd mass developing across my ribs is just more in the way of fatty lumps, but a different shape this time. I was not happy when she stuck the needle into me to get some cells out. I’m going to try some different food and a supplement that can help with the aging brain as well. I’ve ordered them and we’re all hoping that they do me some good. I’m off swimming this afternoon and that will definitely do me good.

The Peregrine Falcon has arrived. As I write this our Mistress has not taken him out of his box so I can’t tell you what he’s really like.  It’s a bigger box than I was expecting, but of course that does not mean he is very large. I’ll tell you more soon.

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