Friday 5th May 2017 – The Falcon

You’ll be pleased to know that not only has the falcon made it out of the box, but it only spent a few hours on the side in the kitchen. To be fair, it was then moved to the side in the utility for safety, but it has at least moved. Our Mistress thinks she has worked out how to put him up and if we’re lucky he will be gracing the roof of the summerhouse very soon. Of course, that might be closely followed by him falling off the roof of the summerhouse, but I will tell you about that if and when it happens. It was not being able to work out how to fix the owl that delayed it going into position so we are at least further forward if our Mistress’s hair-brained idea works.

It looks as though Marley won’t be coming to live in England but is likely to be going to Germany instead. As long as he has a good home we’ll all be happy. I’m excited today anyway as the first of a number of imports should be arriving. I’m waiting for news now of a puppy coming in from Russia. He should be landing at 8.30 this morning so we’re all quite excited waiting for news. He will be number 79. Then number 80 will arrive on Wednesday next week from Switzerland.

Our Mistress has been looking in detail at some of the history of our breed. Some things have struck her as rather odd. You may not know but there are four of us in the Swiss Mountain Dog Series, with the next up in size being the Appenzeller from the Appenzell region of Switzerland. Anyway, although the foundation dogs of our breed came from nearer to Bern and the area around the Entlebuch valley, the early development of our breed took place much closer to the Appenzell region which seems odd, at least to me!

Have a great weekend


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