Saturday 6th May 2017 – Being under tall

Happy Saturday everyone, it’s Aristotle here.

Now I now that cat Garfield said it long before me but it really is the root of the problem. I’m definitely under tall. If this weight was distributed over a larger area then it would not be a problem. I’ve been put on an enforced diet. I really object as it’s not even my fault in the first place. While our Mistress was ill I was the one who volunteered not to go for walks. Our Master took the girls out regularly, but I sort of decided to stay home. Our Master and I don’t always see eye to eye when we’re walking. I get under his feet or pull too far ahead and then he gets cross with me, so I just do it all the more to annoy him. On balance I decided it wasn’t worth the fuss and now I’m paying the price. Thankfully as our Mistress is better we are back to me walking most days, although when my leg is hurting she goes easy on me and gives me a day off. I have to say with all the sunshine I’m rather enjoying it, although if it weren’t for needing to get back in shape I’d be just as happy to potter in the garden and stretch out in a sunny spot to nap.

Wilma is working hard inviting hotels to submit their details for her travel ratings. She is working through a list of all the counties in the United Kingdom to invite hotels in each area to take part. Yesterday she was looking for dog friendly hotels in Filey, North Yorkshire and she couldn’t find any. There is self catering accommodation where you can stay with your humans but not a single hotel. If you know of any then do let her know. Dogs of Filey there is a business opportunity for you. Set up a hotel that we could all come to stay in!

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