Sunday 7th May 2017 – Getting into training

Later on this year our Breed Club is organising a big sponsored walk to raise money for Heidi. We are planning, between us, to walk the distance from Entlebuch, in Switzerland to London. The idea is that people and dogs walk a ten mile leg of the walk somewhere near to them and we will build a map on the Club’s website showing how far we’ve got. Anyway, due to my legs I’m excused from walking, but both Shadow and Wilma plan to take part. That means they need to get into training. Our Mistress is not entirely sure Shadow will be up to walking her ten mile leg so this weekend she is trying a five mile walk to see how it goes. They are going to walk half of the actual walk that our Mistress is planning to do later in the year, partly to make sure it is possible! Wilma is very excited and has asked if they can do it twice, but our Mistress says that five or six miles will be enough on this occasion.

As of Friday the number of our breed in the UK went up to 79. Beau flew in from Russia to be the latest addition to the Entlebucher family. He’s going to be living with his family in the south of England and they are already in love with him. Now we’re looking forward to the next one arriving this week. It’s exciting times for us. Our Mistress is still hoping we can get up to 100 by the end of the year. Alfie’s not getting any younger and as he was around the 10th in the country, he really wants to see the magic 100 while he’s still around.

Wilma is excited because she is getting responses to her travel questionnaire and will be starting to add new hotels to her part of the site. I suspect she will tell you more tomorrow. To be fair, I could have just stopped the sentence at Wilma is excited as it does seem to be her permanent state!

Have a great Sunday


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