Wednesday 10th May 2017 – The falcon has landed

You wouldn’t think that getting Perry to sit on the summerhouse could be so difficult. I told you that he had had a screw inserted in his delicate posterior, well making a hole in the roof to attach him to did not go according to plan. The drill bit broke… in the hole. That meant another hole had to be drilled, once our Mistress had found another suitable bit. Then it became apparent that the wood being drilled into was a little soft. Of course, how she broke a drill bit in soft wood is anybody’s guess! Our Mistress concluded that if Perry was to stand any chance of staying in place then glue or grout was going to be needed as well as the screw. Not to worry, we had both, except the grout which was perfect for the job was best before December 2011 and had somewhere in the meantime become a completely solid mass. That has now gone in the bin. There was also one of those gun things with some No Nails glue, which was also pretty old and the nozzle was bunged up. Our Mistress was not to be deterred, so she removed the nozzle and got glue everywhere. Some she did manage to get on Perry so only time will tell if it will still work as glue.

Once our Perry was in position the problems really began and the poor birds sat in the trees sending alarm calls to each other. They got over it after a while and we have had a few birds down, including a pigeon on the decking to the summerhouse right under where Perry is sitting. We have not however as yet had any pigeons on the cherry tree in front of him, or anything else for that matter! Whether he works or not, we’ve decided he’s quite a fun addition to the garden and are wondering what animal to get next.

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  1. Hehe, Wilma, I like him – I haven’t bought a Perry or a Wol yet, or one of those falcon kite thingies to hang out my window – but very often when the pigeons see me they fly off, whether or not I have my Super Soaker – I wonder why?! 😉 I hope Perry does his work, and keeps the cherry tree safe! Hugs xxx

    • Hehe – you can have such fun – keep soaking in their direction, every time they wheel around – they get *so* confused!!!! 🙂

      • Our Mistress says she used to have one once and she and her neighbours would have water fights across the road. I don’t think there were any pigeons involved though!

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