Thursday 11th May 2017 – Tougher than they look

Me and Wilma

The pigeons are either tougher than they look or even more stupid. I think there are fewer of them and they haven’t been on the cherry tree, or in the trees above the summerhouse, but they have been sitting on the ground just in front of Perry. I’m wondering about progressing from a falcon to something like a lion. Our Mistress has simply suggested that we should let her get her alpaca. To be honest, I think a fake lion is less worrying than a live alpaca, however cute they look. Thankfully, whether he works or not, our Mistress is pleased with Perry and she doesn’t have to cut a section of the summerhouse roof out in order to remove him!

We now have 80 Entlebuchers in the UK. Max, or Toby as he is going to be called, arrived in the UK late on Tuesday night from Switzerland and is now settling in well with his family. I promise I won’t announce any more increases for a couple of weeks, but then they will come thick and fast. Actually, not that thick, I’ve never known a thick Entlebucher except perhaps Shadow! Seriously though, there are five more imports to come at the end of May and beginning of June and Bella’s litter is due at the end of the month too. Even with all our toes and our Mistress’s fingers and toes I’m going to be running out to count them all. I wonder if our Master would let me use his toes as well.

Wilma had a play date with her friend Bernie yesterday. The weather was lovely and they had a great time. I think she was just fed up when our Mistress told her it was time to come home. She loves going to the race course and pretending she’s in a race. To be quite honest the speed she goes she’d probably win.

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