Saturday 13th May 2017 – Getting too much wildlife

Happy Saturday everyone, it’s Aristotle here.

Our Mistress likes wildlife, or so she would have you believe. However, it seems she is less keen when it tries to share the house or garden. You already know about the pigeons, the crows and the mice and you probably realise she’s none too keen on spiders or wasps, but now she is completely fed up. We have moths! They have moved in upstairs and it is now a question of getting them to leave before they start leaving holes in all of her treasured belongings. This is the point that wishes she had less ‘stuff’ and also that she could cope with chemicals. She is having to take the natural approach so she doesn’t trigger her own allergies. The house is going to become one big cedar forest the way it’s going, although I may be exaggerating slightly.

What is really upsetting her is having to put her teddy bears in the freezer. As a child she was always very attached to her soft toys and having a fairly vivid imagination always saw them as being living beings. She would never, for example have put them in a plastic bag or in any bag head first. Anyway, it’s safe to say she may have forgotten to grow up where soft toys are concerned and despite living with four living breathing cuddly dogs who pad around on four paws, she is desolate about the prospect of freezing her soft toys! Each and every one of them needs to be frozen for 48 hours to be on the safe side and given how many toys she has, this process could go on for a week or two as there is not enough space in the freezer.

I just want to say, if there is any more wildlife in the area, then please could you not decide to move into our house. It’s all proving too much!

Love Aristotle

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