Sunday 14th May 2017 – The Changing of the Teddies

Happy Sunday everyone, it’s me again.

Never mind the Changing of the Guard, we had the official ceremony of the Changing of the Teddies last night. The first batch of frozen teddies were removed from the freezer and lovingly had life rubbed back into them as the next batch were put on their gurney and pushed into the freezer. The anti-moth cedar wood won’t arrive until tomorrow so the thawed teddies will stay downstairs until they have some protection in place.

I forgot to wish Alfie a happy eleven and a halfth birthday yesterday. Our Mistress says at his age we need to celebrate his age more often than just annually. In human terms that means he is now just over 80 but it still makes him younger than three of our human grandparents. He is catching up fast though. We hope his brother and two remaining sisters are doing well too. Our Mistress recorded him pitifully asking for his breakfast yesterday. We could hear him from a room an a half away.

He starts like this at about 6.20am even though he doesn’t get fed until 7am. I stay good and quiet even though I can hear him. Our poor Mistress doesn’t get any more sleep when he starts and feels very sad. She can’t feed him though as then he wants his tea even earlier. He already starts asking for that at around 3.15pm when we don’t get fed until 5pm. Thankfully I think my human grandparents who are older are rather better behaved. The other day he forgot he’d had his tea and started again straight after going out to the toilet when we’d just eaten. I hope I’m not like that when I get old.

Ah well, I guess you just have to make the most of what you do have. I’m off to enjoy a quiet Sunday.

Love Aristotle

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