Tuesday 16th May 2017 – We are not alone

Today is going to be interesting. There is a dog coming to stay. His owner is coming too, but given I don’t cope with other dogs, I’m not really sure what to think. Our Mistress has promised she will take my needs into account and that it is a one off, but you can imagine, I’m not exactly sure how the day will play out. I’m off to swimming this morning, so have agreed that if she can find a quiet corner for me that is well out of the way where I can sleep in peace then I’ll be fine for a while. Wilma is ridiculously excited at the prospect of having a new playmate, so I hope the poor boy knows what he is in for.

In the meantime, the big moth deterrent has begun. Our house will smell of cedar and lavender depending on which room you are in. It is as though our Mistress has gone into battle. On one side there is her and on the other is the entire moth population. Numerically, you’d have to think they were in with a chance, but I have to say if you knew her I don’t fancy their chances of success. She’s armed and dangerous. She has moth traps, cedar hangers, cedar balls, cedar sachets, a kilogram of lavender, some old material and a sewing machine, some cedar oil and lavender oil and the battle lines have been drawn. If they were to ask for a little friendly advice from an old dog who has watched her go into battle before I would say to them that if I can just get up to open one or two of the windows for them then if I were them I’d move out as fast as their little wings will carry them, because otherwise they won’t be getting out alive!

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