Wednesday 17th May 2017 – Now we are 5

Alfie resting

The title could apply to the number of dogs currently in the house, but that wasn’t going to be my point. Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to tell you about moths yesterday, I was supposed to tell you that the short story download site named after me was five years old yesterday. We don’t have cake, but we do have lots of other celebrations going on. All the details of how you can join in are on the front page of the site HERE but in short you can find stories by some of our very first authors at a discount on the ‘Featured’ page and some of the very best stories at a reduced price on our ‘sale’ page. We’re also having a party and there is a link there so you can sign up to join in the fun. It’s all happening on line so bring your own drink and cake! I shall be there with our Mistress when she takes part in the party so it would be good to see you there too. I feel quite proud to think how much my little company has achieved in those five years. I don’t suppose I shall be around when we reach the tenth anniversary so I hope Wilma will look after it all for me.

I spent quite a bit of time sitting in the car out of the way yesterday. I’m happy there so it all worked out reasonably well with Pepper staying. Wilma went for a walk with him and when she saw him she rushed up to say how pleased she was to meet him and he snapped at her in return. She then barked at him as they walked all the way down to the village and like a sensible boy he just ignored her. Things settled down then and he didn’t mind her being around too much.

You can find short stories to read at

Alfie’s Diary – the Book as well as our other books are available HERE

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