Saturday 20th May 2017 – Good luck everyone

To have puppies one of our breed has to take a number of tests. These check our health (I failed as did Alfie), our character and our similarity to the breed standard. That last part isn’t just about making sure we’re good looking, but that we are fit for the purpose we were originally bred for. We are by original profession cattle herders and also pulled a small milk cart. Unlike some breeds where it has become more about if they would look good in a show ring, we are still judged against whether we could fulfil our original purpose. As you can imagine, to face up to large cattle we have to be muscular and to get away quickly we have to be lean and fit. We also have to be pretty fearless. To pull a cart we need strong chest muscles. That means the whole of the dog is examined in a fairly detailed test. Of course, we need to still look like an Entlebucher too so they look at our markings to make sure a rogue collie hasn’t crept in for example, and to make sure the next generation will look much the same as our ancestors right back to Grittli vom Schlossgut in 1913.

Anyway, today Dixie, Della and Leo (D’Artagnan) from Torfheide (Shadow’s fourth litter – so my brother and sisters), Koppa (Glenn Koppa z Mokrovous), Buddy (Alfie Bangwood) and Alba (Albany Caicosroos) are all taking their tests. Good luck to them all. It’s a big day for you and we’re all really hoping you do well. Our Master is one of the judges of the exterior of the dog and our Mistress is one of the organisers and the one they ask if they have any doubts, so it’s a bit of a busy day. We’re all going to be biting our claws waiting for news of how they all get on.

Have a great Saturday


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