Monday 22nd May 2017 – A Close Run Thing

Alfie yesterday
Leo (D’Artagnan from Torfheide)

Hello everyone, Wilma here. Saturday was such a mixed day. Of course I enjoyed going to see some of my friends who were doing their breeding tests and as Aristotle told you for the first time I have fallen in love. When I saw Leo I was smitten. He is so utterly handsome. Mum says he looks like his father. I dropped onto the floor in front of him and then ran around him sniffing all the right places, before starting to wash his ears to show how much I cared. I think he was a bit bemused by it all and Mum said I wasn’t to worry as boys can be like that. Now I want to see him again.

Anyway, the close run part of the day was when Mum checked my microchip. She always does it before we travel after Shadow’s incident a few years ago. Anyway, we’d borrowed the scanner for the breeding test so Mum checked mine and it didn’t work. She was getting really upset thinking I wouldn’t be able to go on holiday with her. When we got home she tried Alfie’s and that didn’t work either. That was the point she realised she had to push the button a second time to get it to read the chip. Thankfully it worked on Alfie’s and then worked on mine too so I’m ok to travel. You can tell she had not been the one checking the chips earlier or none of them would have shown up. She can be completely useless at times. Now I’m just getting excited about travelling and wondering if I can get Mum to email Leo to see if he’s free for me to call on him on my way. I’m going to see my aunt and stay with her overnight on route and then see my grandparents so it’s all very exciting. I’m going to miss Dad while we’re away as he and I have become very close. I just hope Shadow looks after him properly while I’m away.

Have a lovely week


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