Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – With my own eyes!

I saw it yesterday so it isn’t just heresay. When I went out to the garden to go to the toilet at lunchtime, there, above our garden, just hovering, was a bird of prey. Our Mistress says she will need to look up wing shapes to be sure what exactly it was, but it looks as though someone has found Perry. I sort of hope it won’t hang around as it was quite big and a bit scary. Our Master wants to know if we would get a stone panda to see if that would attract a real one for him. Our Mistress thinks growing the bamboo might be a bit of a problem.

You would have laughed on Sunday. Our Mistress planned to fix the summerhouse roof. We’ve got one of those clever four way ladders, but it turns out that it might be clever but our Mistress isn’t. Whichever way she put it, she had to conclude it was not going to be suitable for doing the job. If she got it into a safe position it was impossible to reach the roof. If she could reach the roof it wouldn’t have been safe. The only thing she really achieved was a large bruise on her right shin. Anyway, she’s gone back to the drawing board and invested in a long handled roller so that she doesn’t have to get onto the roof itself in order to pain it. Now all she needs to do is work out how to go beyond the third step of the ladder without being worried she’s going to fall off. At least it is dry at the moment so she has a few days to get the job done. Although from what she’s said, however long she’s got may not be long enough.

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