Wednesday 24th May 2017 – A design flaw

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that the purpose of a barrel was to hold liquid. Our Master and Mistress have a series of three barrels as a water feature on our back garden and there is just one small snag. The middle barrel has lost the will to live. The band that holds it together has rusted and now totally expired meaning that the wood does not stay together tightly. Who needs the Manneken Pis when your barrels can do the same thing? I’m just wondering how long it will be before it gives up completely and the water comes gushing out. Whenever it is, I do not plan to be standing next to it when it happens. It could be like the time our Mistress was cleaning out the guttering from below and had forgotten that there would be a whole load of dirty water coming down as soon as she cleared the blockage. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Master laugh as much as he did that time.

Aristotle went swimming yesterday instead of me. Our Mistress thought his legs needed a helping hand so to speak. He begrudgingly said he’d quite enjoyed it, even though he created a real fuss about going into the building, never mind getting into the water. Shadow is going tomorrow for her third swim. She’s feeling a little anxious but says she is getting the hang of it more now.

Our Mistress has friends coming to visit later but they have a Jack Russell so our Mistress has agreed to meet them away from the house so I don’t have a problem. You know what I’m like with Jack Russells, it’s been a trigger for me since puppyhood when one jumped on me in a most inappropriate manner. It’s just that I’ve got much worse about it now, so thankfully she’s taken my feelings into account.

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