Thursday 25th May 2017 – A dementia day

It’s Aristotle here taking an extra day at the helm. Alfie was having a dementia day yesterday so our Mistress has suggested he rests. I can only think he was worried by the idea that the Jack Russell might come to the house or at the least our Mistress might smell of him by the time she got home. He was difficult right from breakfast onwards and our Mistress felt worn out by him and had no idea what else she could do. With it being so hot, she was reluctant to put him in the car even with the windows open. Anyway, that’s why it’s me.

On the bright side, I’m enjoying the better weather as I get to help with lots of the outside jobs like hanging out the washing and building the new mini greenhouse. Today I’m hoping to help with the summerhouse roof. It’s great as I get to have lots of fresh air but don’t put too much stress on my legs. I can be trusted not to bark and upset the neighbours… well not too much anyway. I’ve never peed on the washing. I don’t chase bees or eat the plants and generally our Mistress thinks I’m pretty good company. It will be a companionable time as long as I remember to hold the ladder and don’t get too carried away with sleeping in the sunshine. Our Mistress did say that I could only help this morning as Alfie and Wilma will help this afternoon. She can’t leave Wilma to her own devices quite so much though. Oh and Shadow has to go for her swimming lesson too so we won’t be working outside then either. I’ll just have to make the most of the time we are out there.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. Hi Ari, Would you be able to pass on a message to Wilma for me. I wondered if she might be able to find a bandana, red with the swiss flag on for me when she is out shopping on her trip to Switzerland. I know most girls love a browse around the shops. I am saving my pocket money so I am able to pay her straight away if she manages to find one. It is so hot here I was glad to have my nails trimmed followed by a bath! The lady who does it is very nice. I have been snoozing all afternoon. Hope Alfie is having a better day. Love to you all Dickens X

    • I’ll ask her to have a look for you. The ones we have don’t have flags, but flowery things. Now you’ve made me want a Swiss flag one too.
      Love Ari

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