Friday 26th May 2017 – A better day

Wilma and me wondering if we are missing something

The weird thing about my bad days is that I have no idea why they occur. Wednesday wasn’t any different to the other days around it, but I didn’t feel right from when I got up to when I went to bed. Then yesterday I was back to normal. Our Mistress sat down with me to ask what more she could do when I’m like that, but I just don’t know. Anyway, I’ll be taking the next week or so off so that Wilma can tell you about her travels on a daily basis so maybe the rest will do me good. Ari and I will be spending some time together while they’re away. I’m just hoping that he’ll be kind to me as I can find his company quite difficult.

Wilma is very excited as our Mistress has arranged to take her to see her new boyfriend on their way on Sunday. I hope the poor boy knows what he’s in for! She’s going to see my girlfriend too, if she hasn’t gone into labour by the time they get that far on Monday. I’d love to be going to see Bella again, but I don’t suppose I’m going to have that opportunity given I don’t like going anywhere. Anyway, I shall send a message to her with Wilma and have to make do with that. She has asked if our Mistress can brush her and make her look her best before she goes, even though she’s as beautiful as ever. It’s me that’s moulting. I seem to be shedding more hair than I knew I had. At least it gives the birds an opportunity to add a nice soft layer to their nests ready for their little ones to be born. Our Mistress has been brushing me outside and leaving little piles of soft fur for them. She even went as far as vacuuming my bed, which was very distressing to watch.

Have a great weekend


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