Saturday 27th May 2017 – If only there were photographs

My what a handsome chap I am

Hello, everyone, happy Saturday. It’s Aristotle here and I get to write for one day before handing over to Wilma for her travel diary. I can only apologise that I did not have the camera handy on Thursday as I could have brought you some very funny pictures. First of all our Mistress was painting the summerhouse roof with bitumen paint. She’d got most of the process under control, or so she thought. That was until, having accidentally painted the stepladder, she wrapped her spare arm around the ladder to give her greater stability and covered several inches of arm in bitumen paint. She was rather alarmed as the tin seemed to have lots of warnings on it and she had no idea what she was supposed to do. Anyway, she eventually Googled the problem and decided it wasn’t quite so worrying and then used a body scrub that she’s allergic to in order to clean her arm. She just had an allergic rash to deal with instead then but at least she didn’t smell of tar.

You would think that was enough for one day, but she is still doing battle with the moths. She needed to cover a carpet that had already had a spray applied with a special dust. She’s got a mask that protects her from breathing the fumes so that was ok, but her eyes started to smart as soon as she went into the room. That was when she had the bright idea of using the snorkel mask she’d moved out of the cupboard earlier. Unfortunately, that meant taking off her glasses. So she applied the dust wearing snorkel goggles and an allergy mask but not actually being able to see what she was doing. I can honestly say she looked very odd indeed. Regrettably I cannot bring you the photographic evidence!

Anyway, from tomorrow Wilma is going to be reporting on her travels to Switzerland and on lots and lots of puppies. The first one back to the UK will be honey sometime today or tomorrow and then it’s likely to be Bella’s litter being born, so watch this space. Annie is off to The Netherlands to mate too so we wish her well and are all feeling very excited about how things are going. Good luck to them all.



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