Friday 2nd June 2017 – No breakfast!

This is not going to be a good start to my day. I can’t have breakfast! I’m going to the vet this morning. It’s a specialist who is going to tell me a bit more about why I’ve got a heart murmur. It’s important, but I would rather have breakfast.

Yesterday was more fun. It didn’t start quite as I liked though. We went for a long walk before breakfast but it turned out to be rush hour even though it wasn’t even seven in the morning. Anyway, I did not like walking along the roadside with big lorries coming up behind me. After breakfast we went to look for the origin of another kennel, but sadly that’s now an industrial estate. Then we went to Entlebuch so I could see the place we’re named after. The valley is a World Heritage Biosphere and is incredibly beautiful, the town at the centre of the valley is much like all the others, but I did insist on my photo being taken at the station which is a must when we visit. It was so good to meet up with one of my best friends, my nephew Salvo. He and I grew up for some of the time together and we’re the best of friends. I met his new housemate Izzy too, she’s my niece and she’s wonderful. We got on really well and Salvo says he and Izzy are already very close, which I’m really pleased about.

In the afternoon we went to Aeschi bei Spiez where we spent some our time growing up and I was so happy to see the people there. Mum loves it and says it feels like going home to her. She has been quite a few times and would love to be able to stay there for months. It is very beautiful and the air is so fresh and clean. We’re here for a few days now so I can unwind a bit and play with some of my dog friends as well as have some nice walks. I’m having a lovely holiday even though I am missing Dad and the others at home. I ring them every day so it’s not like I don’t see them.

Love Wilma.

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  1. Hello Wilma, Hope all goes well today when you see the specialist. We are enjoying your news. Switzerland sounds lovely. It is boiling hot here, too much for the old beagles. Luckily my training class is later this evening today. I hope it will be cooler then.
    Love from us all Dickens X

    • Thanks Dickens – It’s just great here at the moment, apart from the lack of breakfast. A lovely sunny morning and not too hot, but I think it will be hot later.
      Have a good day

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